Guest Speaker: Steve Garfield

9 02 2010

One of the first hot nuggets of wisdom Steve Garfield (of served the students of my Reinventing the News class involved the importance of our names.

Dan Kennedy (seated) with Steve Garfield of

“Own your name!” He proclaimed, suggesting we use our names on all our sites and even secure our own personal URLs. That should be easy enough for us, as most of us only have one site. Garfield, however, has 33.

After working as a morning radio show producer and in the marketing department of a computer distributor for a number of years, Garfield started what he claims was the first video blog in 2004- months before the launch of Youtube in 2005.

Now he does speaking engagements, and his first book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets To Building Your Business, has just been released. He stopped by Professor Kennedy’s classroom to talk to us about vlogging our personal brands of journalism.

He showed us an example of live video blogging, using his phone and to broadcast a video of the class instantly to his blog. It was actually extremely cool, and also rather startling.

He also showed us a few examples of his own video journalism, including a live video of the presidential vote in Jamaica Plain and an interview that was rudely interrupted by a disturbed and/or drunk woman, who proved surprisingly insightful.

When asked how we can make vlogging into a career, Garfield replied that we should use these tools more to extend our reach in the world of web journalism.

“Get a job that pays you money,” he said. “This is your passion, that you should pursue in addition to that thing.”

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